5/24/20: I recently stumbled upon the singer/songwriter Ruston Kelly. His voice, songwriting and production has inspired me like no one else has in a long time. In fact, this is the first time I’ve “discovered” a new artist I love since I started writing music again. As such, I am sure you’ll hear his influence  Read more

Press and writing

5/9/20: I am grateful for the nice press my new E.P has been receiving. It’s been a little bright spot for me personally during this dark time. I guess the other bright spot or silver lining, as trite as that phrase has become lately, is that I have a bit more time to write. I  Read more

Omitted Chapter from My 2017 Memoir

4/13/20: The following was one of my favorite chapters from my memoir, but I wound up cutting it because it didn’t quite move the narrative along. But I love how it captures the anguish of that period of my life when I was walking away from music. It also speaks to my all-of-nothing mentality at  Read more

You Tube Channel Launch

4/4/20: A new video for “Perfect” launched my You Tube Channel today. It’s a simple “lyrics” video and there’s nothing else there, but you gotta start somewhere. Though I think of “Given Everything” as the official “single” on the new E.P., the lyrics to this one felt fitting for the moment, so I quickly threw  Read more

Artist comparisons

3/29/20: Since releasing my new songs, I’ve heard a lot of interesting comparisons to artists that I sound like. It’s always fun to hear these comparisons, especially when an artist you hadn’t considered is mentioned. I’ve always thought my stuff had echoes of Elton John, Fountains of Wayne, Ron Sexsmith and Rufus Wainwright. But I’ve  Read more


3/16/20: I am excited to share my first new music in over a dozen years. I hope you enjoy it. Stay safe!